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Emulating the standard of Pro Publica, we invite you to use NJ Spark’s original content on your own webpages with a few caveats. For the past 15 years, Dority has taught a course that she created on alternative LIS careers for the University of Denver. On page and screen, hundreds of these crime stories—stark, vivid, and ambiguous—shaped the imagination and self-concept of a world beset by depression and fear. This book is highly recommended for all library and information professionals and students.”—Technical Services Quarterly Look Inside

Steal Our Stories The production and publishing of our work could not be done without our organizational or community partners. Author Info G. was first led to success by Cy Weller, a solutions-driven former attorney from San Antonio who was drafted into the Army. She has written more than 200 career articles, has presented numerous LIS career webinars and workshops for student groups and professional organizations, and has published two books on LIS careers. A librarian who is in a stable, fulfilling career could also benefit from this book, especially if their position requires them to supervise other librarians. She founded and manages the LinkedIn group “LIS Career Options,” which currently has approximately 9,500 members from 60 countries. Without the students, community members, and media makers working with us, we would not be able to serve them or our community. When he returned home from the Army in 1943,he found that he no longer had office space for his legal practice. Please include the phrase “Originally published on NJ Spark” and link to the original content at the top of the page.

Structures and the Urban Environment One of the most classic courses at Princeton University, CEE262, Structures in the Urban Environment (known as “Bridges”) was founded by Professor David Billington (1927-2018) in 1974.  The course argues that the best designed structures (bridges, buildings, and vaults) are a work of art – structural art – the art of the structural engineer.  The course integrates humanities with engineering through studies of cultures, people, and art as reflected in works of structural engineering.

About Us Frozen Food Express Industries, Inc. As societies shifted from hot to cold war and grappled with civil rights and urban decay, Noir depicted a. So he used his experience from the Army to buy military equipment, including salvage trucks, from the government to sell tomore

FRS 177: The World of Noir In the 1940s, pulp magazines and B-films created a new genre, eventually called Noir. Supervisors could use this book as a resource for staff members who may still be finding their place in the profession. Reviews/Endorsements Reviews”This book is interesting and valuable reading for librarians, especially school librarians who might be facing district cuts, and would also be of interest to educators considering a career change to librarianship.”—VOYA”Rethinking Information Work can be useful to LIS students, new librarians, and mid-career professionals alike. Please do not edit our material. Kim Dority is chief content officer for as well as founder and president of Dority & Associates, Inc. Please do not sell it.

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